Summer Slump Recovery!

Q3 No Holds Barred - Back to School / Halloween Classes

Thank you everyone, the Q3 classes were fantastic! Don't worry if you missed them though, you can still sign up for the replay and all the resources right here:

Stay tuned - Q4 coming soon!

Fall is truly my favorite season! Really... I LOVE Quarter 3!

Sure, it's a way of building your finances and testing your strategies for Q4, but it's also a huge shopping season in itself. I've successfully bundled and retail-arbitraged my way through three back to school and Halloween seasons…. and this year, I’m throwing publishing and custom-made products into the mix. So if you’re SO over summer, get your reserves back up to speed ready for Q4 with this double bill of classes.

You will complete each class feeling excited, prepared, full of ideas and armed with a stack of real resources and workable strategies for choosing your products and getting them selling fast.


Brand New Classes for 2016!

Thursday July 7th
4pm PST / 7pm EST

Thursday August 11th
4pm PST / 7pm EST

$39.99 per class OR save money and book both together! $59.99 for season pass to both classes

Each 2 Hour live zoom class covers:

Retail arbitrage tell-all with real examples of products and product bundles that have sold successfully for me with real numbers, profits and ASINs. Lots of insider tips and no holds barred. Many of my most successful bundles cost $3 or less from Walmart and even the dollar store.

Where to start with white label. How to find workable niches and get your own products made quickly and affordably so you can own your own listing and start building your own brand. Our focus will be on super-low minimum orders from US suppliers.

Plus much more! Read on...

Back to School includes:

  • Real, successful products and bundles that I have sold in previous school seasons
  • Find what parents, teachers and students are searching for this season. We provide the keywords and research.
  • How to create the products they want and use them to kickstart your brand.
  • PLUS... A new free (legal) technique I discovered for reaching real parents and putting your products right in front of them. No-one else is teaching it so you’ll be the first to hear about it! Seriously, I haven’t told anyone! Except Isaac and Pony :D
  • My list of 5 top underserved niches of the school season and how you can use them
  • Discover perspectives and trends in Back to School from Kindergarten to PhD
  • How to use CreateSpace to create whole new product ranges for school and education. Even if you have $0 for inventory, CreateSpace can be a 'set it and forget it' income generator.
  • What Amazon are doing for educators, including the brand new Amazon Inspire platform and the online Amazon Education community
  • Plus... Further platforms for educators and how you can use them, how to source free and public domain educational material and where to start with homeschool curriculums.

These graph books were just 75c each from Walmart and these sales were totally organic. I spent no additional money on PPC or promotions. Back to school is a really exciting time of year!

Halloween includes:

  • Crazy bundles and products I have sold for Halloween with real ASINs, profits and numbers!
  • How to create your own brand of Amazon-ready customised Halloween candy, step by step!
  • What buyers will be searching for this Halloween. We do the research and you get the keywords and niches.
  • Plus... My guide to making marketable Merch shirts for Halloween

Plus more to be announced!

Some examples of my Halloween sales

I'll reveal all during our Halloween class. And yes, that really is $346 into $6,000 of sales on one $1 item. Join me to learn what makes a successful product.

Back to School
  • Retail arbitrage tell-all with real examples
  • Where to start with white label
  • Thursday July 7th - 4pm PST / 7pm EST

  • Crazy bundles and products I have sold for Halloween
  • Create your own brand of customised Halloween candy.
  • Thursday August 11th - 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Season Pass - Back to School / Halloween Classes

Get both classes for one low price.

Each class has an exclusive dedicated resources page which includes:

Suppliers list - Both wholesalers and white label resources

Customised 'Niche Machine' with over 100 relevant niches ranked by search volume and ready to research at the touch of a button

Relevant collection of keyword search lists courtesy of SkyWords

Details of further marketing resources, links and research tools

Testimonials from our previous class, "Selling in Sexual Wellness on Amazon"

"The wholesale websites by themselves are worth the cost of the course!! Thank you!"

"Great job! I learned sooo much!"

Great info....eye opening for sure"

"Thanks so much for an awesome show, Katharyne. So much helpful info. Loved it! The wheels are turning, lol!”

"Mind blown!!"

"As usual, you are always very thorough in your research and delivered a crazy huge amount of useful information. Thank you so much!”

"One of the most informative sessions that I have attended. Thank you!”